Wired has a nice round-up of their top ten annoying geek partner habits.

I guess that as an SFF afficionado, an ex-RPG player and because I work in an IT company, I qualify as a "geek"... but do I have the annoying habits?

1. Punning.
Hmm. Not so much, I think.

2. Using Klingon or other such lingo's.

3. Celebrate holidays in weird freaky ways
No. Dress-up cons are my idea of hell.

4. Dissecting movies
Erm, well, yes maybe a little. But not at home, I think, just with some of my like-minded friends.

5. Wear geeky t-shirts

6. Require extra room in house for geeky stuff
Oh yes. There's the old RPG books I can't get rid of. There's computers, SF book collection, some comic books. Guilty as charged!

7. Geeky toys

8. Looking up info while the discussion is still in progress
Yes, I've been known to do that. I pride myself on my Google-Fu!

9.Need to watch TV shows ASAP.

10. Geeky home projects.

So all in all, only two and a half out of ten. Not a great score. Mild geekiness only? What's your score?


Tara Maya said...

Do comically mispeleed words count?

Using Klingon and other lingos.
I do own the Klingon-English dictionary and have studied Quenya.

Celebrate holidays in freaky ways.
Nope. I celebrate freaky holidays in normal ways.

Dissecting movies.
Oh yeah.

Wear geeky t-shirts.
Only if I'm borrowing my hubby's. I also dress the kids in geek t-shirts. They can't fight back.

Extra room in house.
Do books count as geek stuff? The stuffed microbes are the baby's.

Geeky toys.
Again, only because hubby buys 'em for me. "Look, honey, the Think Geek catalogue! What would you like for Valentine's Day?"

Look up info during discussion.
Is that geeky? Really? Doesn't everyone do that?

Need to watch TV shows ASAP.
"Need to" and "get to" are in parallel universes. I live in the universe with toddlers, so no.

Geeky home projects.
Hubby's domain. And brother's. And childrens'. (Baby Calculus, anyone?)

See, I'm not a geek. I'm just breeding them.

david heijl said...

Nice score :-)
I'll have to see how my kids turn out; kind of early to tell...